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FTC LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I transformed my own body using the system that I’m going to share with you in this video, and the women on this page are all real women that got the body they always wanted using my workouts and diet program. However, it’s important you know these results are not typical. My story and the stories of the women featured on this page are meant as showcase of what the best, most motivated women can do with the My Bikini Butt system, not as “typical” or “average” results. You should not expect to transform your body like we did unless you follow the plan with with superlative consistency and dedication. My Bikini Butt is NOT a “miracle” weight loss cure, crash diet, or an easy way to lose weight fast. If that’s what you’re looking for, I can’t help you. But what I do provide you with on this site is a real, permanent, and healthy solution for losing weight and shaping your butt. In order to get results from my system, you’ll need to stick to a healthy diet and consistently do the workouts I give you. Although I have a degree in Biology I’m not a doctor, and my advice is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or workout routine. Please see my full FTC Legal Disclaimer for a comprehensive legal disclaimer for testimonials, risks of using the product, and typical results. -Andrea

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There's finally a way to get that tight, toned, and cellulite-free butt you’ve always wanted

My System is unlike any other, as it includes a specific food to eat before and after you move (and what not to eat… I can almost guarantee you that you’re eating these forbidden pre and post-workout foods!) And then, there’s the workouts: fast, fun, and intoxicating moves designed to release these SlimZymes more rapidly!

These are super-short workouts you do in the comfort of your own home... And here’s where it gets amazing -- in the video on this page, I’m going to give you my favorite fat burning trick that you need to use before and after each short workout. This trick will ensure that you activate your SlimZymes, and get the bikini body you want.

If you haven’t seen the results you desire, I can promise you that what you’ll see today will give you new hope that you can achieve your body dreams!

What Is The SlimZyme 3 Step Activation System?

My Bikini Butt hunleashes a fat-eating enzyme in your body called “AMPk” by using strategically designed diet and workout routine.
Slim Your Body Faster
Specific Workouts To Trigger SlimZymes
Rapid Fat Targeting Exercises Combined With Time-Tension Principle.™

The "My Bikini Butt"
SlimZyme Activating Workout And Healthy Diet Plan

Get Your Bikini Butt And Beach Ready Body!
Step 1

SlimZyme Activator Meals
increasing your body’s level of SlimZymes is to follow my scientifically designed healthy eating plan.7 I’ve designed it so you’ll lose weight and tone your butt eating foods that are healthy, and also delicious and easy to prepare.7
I’ll also show you several so-called “healthy” foods that you may think help you. They don’t...in fact, these foods are keeping you from achieving the body you desire! I’ll show you exactly which foods you should avoid, and the healthier alternatives to eat instead.

Step 2

SlimZyme Activator In-Home Workouts
You’ll be introduced to my patented Time-Tension Principle.™ This involves a simple yet very specific style of workout that is designed to assist with triggering SlimZymes.6 This might be why traditional cardio (long, slow, boring) and endless repetitions in the gym may have let you down in the past. These workouts are INTENSE -- but they’re also short, fun, and simple for anyone to do.

My Bikini Butt SlimZyme Activator Meals

Real Women. Real Results.

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Your first bonus is the Zero Willpower Eating System. It takes all the guess work out of dieting so you know exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how to prepare each meal. We also include step by step cooking instructions on an easy to follow video.

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You’ll have access to our elite training team. And fat loss planning, personalized tips, and tricks will be easily accessible to make sure you get to your final fitness goal FAST.

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